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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing To understand what is Cloud Computing, we can make the analogy with electrical power. When it started using electricity, a company needed to have a generator where it was to consume electricity. The company itself was responsible for installation and maintenance. Today you plug any device to the network, and you pay for [...]

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The Electric charge stations and electric point charge

Electric charge stations have vitally important since the main European cities have implemented various measures for the protection of the environment and decrease pollution in these cities. One of theme is the current limitation of the displacements of the new vehicles that, with exceptions, will be between 1,000 and 1,600 c.c, in addition to reducing the [...]

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Smart City: new model of city

Lately we have heard about Smarts Cities, even we have seen the name of any city accompanied by the “tag line” Smart City. So, do you know what Smart City means? A Smart City is managed efficiently by means of technological advances and the evolution of communication. The Smart City concept encompasses several sectors: transport, waste, energy, [...]

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Business opportunities in Circular Economy

Today?s “take-make-dispose” economy has long relied on cheap and available resources to create conditions for growth and stability. Society now acknowledges that continued wealth generation requires a new industrial model that is less dependent on primary energy and materials. The concept of the circular economy is a way of decoupling growth from resource constraints. It [...]

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The European Commission allocates 7,600 million euros to fund transport projects

In order to encourage investment in Europe, the Commission has announced that it will allocate 7,600 million euros to the activation of the second call for Mechanism “Connecting Europe” (MCE) proposals to finance projects for strategic transport. MCE, in line with the investment plan submitted by the Commission, intends to stimulate growth and job creation. So, [...]

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Customers and Partners


"An easy and efficient way to find European funding opportunities for international projects, customised alerts with the all information summarised in Spanish allows me to save a lot of time."

- Luis Sanchez, CEO Center of Asian Culture -

“The Observatory allows companies to access to international projects which improve their competitiveness.”

– Alfonso Díaz, director of training area, international relationships and creation of enterprises of CEA -

“We have identified new funding opportunities belonging to programs such as H2020, COSME, Erasmus Plus, financed by European funds.”

– Mar Recuna, AJE Málaga manager -

“An excellent example which shows how to simplify and to make easier the R&D European funding search, in a customised way through the use of new technology.”

– Alejandro Marfil, Senior Consultant for innovation -

Also in the European Funding Observatory

High and low budgets

For each European call, the Observatory shows the amount associated with each European funding opportunity or aid.

You will know if it will be a loan or a grant and its economic value, so you can choose which type of European project you are interested in participating.

Affinity indicator

The European Funding Observatory selects subsidies, grants and European funding calls which could be the best ones for your company.

You will obtain advice about the compatibility of your company with a given offer.

You save time and optimize your decisions when you are taking part in a European project, by learning the true funding opportunities which will provide your organisation an easy way path to innovation.

Save the most interesting opportunities in "My proyects"

Once subscribed to the Observatory, you will be able to customize your profile with those European funding opportunities which could be the most interesting for your organization.

Do not miss the opportunities that Europe offers, in your Observatory profile you will have in one space all the collected projects and calls you can participate in.

We support you

From EMC, we offer a team of expert consultants in financing R & D + i.

Enjoy the advantages of experts’ support in European projects which makes you able to resolve any questions you could have during the funding search process and during the opportunities management which are conditions of eligibility, participation and choice of the most desirable partner.

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Receive updated information on European calls, projects and recommended partners searches especially for your organisation as well as current information on the sector.