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In the Frequently Asking Question section you will find detailed information on specific aspects about the service provided by EMC and its European Funding Observatory.

How may I know which one is the best call for my company or my organisation?

Knowing which is the best call for a company or for a European project is all about information research, review and analysis.

There are several websites where information is published, as for example the participant portal and

Despite the wide web information, one of the hardest jobs is the subsequent analysis which gives information about a companys eligibility for a call.

For this reason, counting on tool as the European Funding Observatory gives your company an added value which supports the opportunities searched in its first step.

How may I find partners for my project?

There are several ways to promote contacts with possible European partners such as web portals, agencies and networking events.

In the EMC European Funding Observatory we gather all the added information, in order to access these opportunities. In addition, we make the network of contact we provide available to our clients.

What is the European funding Observatory?

Connect to the link of the Observatory.

Why a European funding Observatory?

In only one space and with just one click, the European funding Observatory gathers all the information connected with calls and European partners search. To be updated about all the opportunities through customised alerts, to save time in the opportunities searching, to find all the customised information in Spanish with favorite information, such as the affinity between company or institution and funding call.

Which subscription modes I can access to?

At moment we have three types of subscriptions:

  • Free
  • Premium Info
  • Premium Consultant

More information

If I do not have time to search for European call and opportunities?

We know each company has got its own conditions and capabilities. For this reason, we offer consulting service as global technical support starting from the identification of the opportunities to the project elaboration.

I belong to a university, how can I do to customise my profile in the Observatory?

The university research groups, because of their heterogeneous nature, require special treatment.

At EMC we have established special conditions for Observatory subscription, according to the number of research groups which wish to access the Observatory. In this way, each one can achieve search results appropriate to his profile.

As a public authority, I need a mid-long term European funding consultancy according to my R&D strategy . Which service should I choose?

Planned for city councils, provinces or autonomous communities and public institutions, the technical European Projects Office is a service which provides advice and support in the elaboration of projects eligible to access to R&D funding in the European set, always depending on the strategic guidelines established by the various public bodies.

It is planned with a twelve months working approach which encompasses the European projects office life cycle, by ushering the process starting from the definition of the strategic guidelines to the management of European projects arose.

My sector could access to european funding?

European Observatory on Financing try to provide as much information as possible to our customers customized. Therefore, the search for funding can be filtered by many sectors such as Aerospace, Big Data, Biofuels, Smart Cities, Education, Entrepreneurship, Energy, Manufacturing, R & D, Innovation, Internet of things, Tourism and Culture among others.

May third world countries participate in a H2020 proposal and receive funding?

Industrialised third world countries (such as China, Russia, India, Brazil and Mexico) can participate in a Horizon 2020 project, but they are not automatically eligible for funding with the following exceptions:

  • When funding is provided by the call.
  • When funding is provided according to a bilateral scientific and technological agreement or to any other agreement between the Union and an international organisation or a third party.
  • When the Commission deems participation of the entity is essential to carrying out the action funded through Horizon 2020.

Which is the period for subscription to the observatory services?

Subscription to the European Funding Observatory is available for six months periods, with the aim to allow you to identify the best opportunities for funding and for participation in projects.

Could I try the European funding Observatory premium subscription services before deciding to subscribe?

Of course, by accessing Premium consultant version free trial you will be able to have seven days free access to all the benefits of the "Premium Consultant" service.

More information at the following link

Which payment methods can I use?

  • Bank transfer.
  • Debit.

What is the Premium support service provided by a consultant qualified in European funding?

At any time you want, whichever you prefer, whether by phone, via e-mail, or even by leaving a contact number, EMC provides consultants qualified in funding management for R+D+i for their European projects. In this way, you can solve any questions you have during the funding searching process, and also in the opportunities management

How often will I receive newsletter?

Our priority is to be updated about all the news regarding European funding opportunities we are related with. Therefore, regularly we will send you a newsletter with all the information you need about calls and European partners.


In this section you will find the useful basic concepts at the moment you are starting to participate in European projects.
The EU has got its own terminology which makes you easy to understand the information.

What is a European Project?

Basically, it is an activity or an action made among several entities (public as well as private companies, institutions, foundations, universities and SMEs) belonging to different European countries, or sometimes having an individual shape.


  1. Aim to achieve a concrete scope aligned with the European Union.
  2. Require planning as well as a distribution of responsibilities and roles.
  3. Total budget is established in the call.
  4. They are financed by European Union.

Why taking part in a European Project?

Taking part in a European project allows companies and organisms:

  • To open their way to new markets.
  • To collaborate with prestigious companies.
  • To access new knowledge and technologies.
  • To access substantial funding, with bigger amount than the rest of public aids ones.
  • To increase their competition.
  • To improve the institutional image.
  • To establish contacts in an innovative and competitive environment.

What is a consortium?

A consortium is an entity created by several participants (companies, institutions, smes, foundations, universities, etc.) who decide to work together on a project and to submit a joint proposal.

What is a Call?

strong>Call for proposal provides the guidelines and establishes the priorities and/or the activity areas which European projects are going to be classified in. Horizon 2020 European Commission launches the calls during the period 2014-2015 with a launch date and a deadline, which usually covers a 3-4 months period, although they are sometimes permanently open during the programme

Depending on their topic, the kinds of project will be specified for each call.

What is a European proposal?

European projects have to fit with European Union calls, and a document we call proposal, in which the required project takes shape, is submitted. The information complies with the conditions expressed in that call.

What is a topic?

It is a concrete action line which the projects have to adjust to.

In Horizon 2020, for each topic included in the call, the EC will explain the kind of project or instrument which can be submitted, as well as the funding percentage it will receive.

Which kind of company can take part in a European Project?

Public, as well as private companies, institutions, foundations, associations, universities or SMES.

What is Horizon 2020?

It is the new innovation and research programme of the European Union Funding for the period of 2014-2015. This has got an 80 billion euro budget. The first proposal calls were published in December 2013.

It is the new innovation and research programme of the European Union Funding for the period of 2014-2015

Marco programme is a long-term European programme of public funding for R&D.

In this programme, R&D priorities for the related period are described in detail. They are usually shown in large vertical (programmes or priorities) and horizontal (actions, grants, aids to infrastructures) lines.

In each kind of action or priority, application areas and kinds of project considered important are described in detail.